Membership to Oil Capital Rod & Gun Club is an individual membership and cannot be corporate owned or part of a trust. The club also does not offer joint, spousal, family or youth memberships. Membership is restricted to persons 18 years old and older who are interested in the perpetuation and advancement of good sportsmanship, enforcement of Oklahoma's fish and game laws, and cooperation with the Department of Wildlife Conservation, for the State of Oklahoma. Classified as a social club and designated as a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization, Oil Capital Rod & Gun Club is not a charity and any contributions either in cash, goods, services, etc are NOT tax deductible.

Current club owned membership cost is $1850 with annual dues of $150. There are no club owned memberships available and all memberships are currently member owned. Member transfers sold outside the club generally run between $1500-$2500 but could be more or less. Memberships transfers sold through the club run no more than the maximum par value set by the club at $2100. All membership transfers are sold with remaining dues included. The club does maintain a waiting list for any membership transfers by members. Membership transfers are sold by member referral only. If you do not know a member you may contact memberservices@ocrgc.com for information on joining. Once you are on the waiting list you will remain so until you reach the Top 10 list. When you reach the Top 10 list will receive your membership packet and you will be eligible to attend the new member orientation and skeet/trap machine orientation. There is a $100 refundable application fee that is applied to your membership purchase. If you decide to be removed from the Top 10 list you just need to let member services know and your money will be refunded. You can track your progress on the Top 10 list on the clubs website at any time.

Non-Members if you want to contact member services about joining the club, in the subject line copy :

OCRGC - Prospective Membership Inquiry - [your name] and questions plus complete contact info in the body of the email.


If you have a referral for a membership please use the following format for your email to memberservices@ocrgc.com

In the subject line copy the following: OCRGC - Prospective Member Referral - [your name]

In the body of the email copy the following: I would like to refer the following for a place on the waiting list.

My referrals contact info is below.





PERSONAL EMAIL (no corporate or company email unless you own the company)

Signed [your name and membership number]





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